You don't learn to hold your own in the world by standing on guard

“You don't learn to hold your own in the world by standing on guard, but by attacking, and getting well hammered yourself.”

George Bernard Shaw

Don’t stand on guard, but attack.

This is about attacking life the same way you launch a strike in sparring or attempt an armbar on the ground. Think about what it takes to execute the perfect strike or armbar and you can draw the same parallel to your life. Attacks require assessment, bold and repeated attempts and commitment.


This is your ability to gather information and prepare yourself. Most of us want life to just dump all of its goodies in our laps with no effort taken. Unfortunately, most of life’s achievements are not that easy. While I still consider myself an under achiever in many aspects of life, the things that I have achieved have come about by aggressively sourcing information and then using that information to better myself so that I am prepared and ready for the next step.

Bold and repeated attempts

This is your willingness to use the resources that are at your disposal to carry out actions that are going to realize the result that you’re after. In simplistic terms it’s doing the work. It’s doing the work and being prepared to act even though you might fail. Just like attempting that armbar on the ground: you do the training and practice (Assessment: gather information), you get yourself into a position to pull it off and you attempt it knowing that there is good chance it will work but if it doesn’t it just means that you need more practice or you need to wait for another opportunity to attempt it


Commitment is where most of us slip up. It’s hard to stay committed when the bulk of our society is transfixed on instant gratification. But you know what? here lies the biggest opportunity for all of us. If you are willing to commit yourself to any of your goals despite the roadblocks, which we all encounter, you put your self in a position that most people never reach. You become amongst the 5% of the population who actually fulfill their dreams, finish what they start, achieve their goals and continue to grow and manifest everything they desire.

Get Well Hammered Yourself

Getting well hammered is being fully engaged and focused on the end result even though you suffer from defeat, set backs and delays in gratification. It’s being willing to go the extra mile, work when it’s uncomfortable, persist when its difficult, get up when others would stay down, never giving up, being willing to not follow the crowd and taking all the little steps that make for massive achievement.