Only a fool will blindly follow

Only a fool will blindly follow, think for yourself and learn everything you need to make

your own way in this world. This is the true nature of man – his greatest strength.

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In this Blog post I wanted to share with you my top six tips for living a life of continuous improvement. While it is difficult to make massive leaps in improvement, it is relatively easy to make consistent micro-improvements if you implement some or all of these strategies:


Reading is one of the greatest ways to educate yourself. What it would take you years to learn by trial and error you can learn in a book in the time it takes you to read it. And there is something about the discipline it takes to sit and read, as opposed to any other medium, that really makes information stick. If you invest just a small amount of money into the best books you can find on your passion, you will move forward in leaps and bounds.  


A famous personal development coach, Brian Tracy, calls audio in your car the university on wheels. Meaning that if you listen to motivational and/or educational audio CDs or podcasts in your car while your travelling to and from work and to and from the supermarket, you will get the equivalent of a university education in a matter of a few years. Now, I don’t know if that’s true or not but the one thing I do know is that listening to educational information in the car instead of music is time better spent. I rarely listen to anything but motivational and educational information in the car. And there is a tone of stuff that I wouldn’t know if I hadn’t made that choice. I am such a fan of this method of education that I started my own audio coaching program.


We are so lucky with the advent of YOU TUBE. When I first started in the martial arts there was very little information out there. A small handful of karate books at the library and at the bookstore, a couple of magazines and little to no instructional videos. But now, holy crap, there is more information than we could possibly use in our lifetime. And here’s the best part – it’s free. Now, obviously YOU TUBE is no replacement for actual training in a class but it sure is a great way for you to be inspired and educated by some of the very best people in the world.

Take Small Steps

It’s great to be inspired and go all out with your field of endeavor, but you must pace yourself. I have lost count of how many times I have burnt myself out in the pursuit of my goals. Extreme exhaustion is just something I had learnt to live with but in retrospect this is just plain crazy. I have found having time out and solid R&R is absolutely essential to maintaining consistent effort. You can’t go at a 110% forever but you can go at a moderate pace and still achieve the same results.

Learn to say no to “good ideas”

Opportunities, gimmicks and shortcut promises abound everywhere. To be honest, I have learnt the hard way, numerous times, that there are no short cuts to anything in life. If you want results, you have to think right, act right, be patient and work hard - it’s that simple. If something comes along that promises big results quickly. Do your homework and make sure that it’s congruent with your current path and is reputable before you say yes.

Focus on “solutions”, not “problems”

Most of the ideas that I have followed through on have come about with two items – a pen and pad of paper. Your brain has a mass of untapped potential that can be quickly accessed simply by sitting at a table and brainstorming as many answers to whichever of life’s problems is troubling you. If you come up with 20 ideas that solve a problem and you act of five of them you have made significant progress. I have solved problems with my business, relationships, finances and health all with this method. I have one friend who used this method to get himself out of financial difficulty and into the job of his dreams – it works.

Be aware that what works for me may not work for you. I have spent more than 70% of my life pursuing one passion and I can honestly say, that if I had not lived my life using the above six tools I would not be where I am today. Have I achieved all my dreams? No. But I am closer than I have ever been before and I know in my heart that’s its from living with a mindset of always seeking to improve. Good luck and I hope this helps.