We are Passionate About The Environment!

We make every effort possible to be paper free, waste free and environmentally sensitive.

paperless office

We made the transition to a paperless office in 2017. And while we are not entirely paperless we make every effort to keep our paper usage to under 500 sheet per year. Previously it was approximately 3000 sheet per year. We reuse printed paper for taking notes. Most of our communication is digital. And anything above and beyond that is recycled or run though a worm farm.    

waste free

All compostable waste runs though a worm farm or fed to chickens. All non recyclable material (plastics etc.) is sorted and either reused for another purpose or relocated to the tyre wall at Ted's Eco cabin project in Cudgee. Damaged training equipment is repaired where possible or given to members for free if it still has life in it. 


We purchase the highest quality and longest lasting consumables that we can afford. Once a consumable is at the end of its life it is either repurposed into something else or disposed of thoughtfully.