Attention Warrnambool Parents: Does Your Child Need A Confidence Boost?

Dear Warrnambool Parent,

Parents bring their children to our classes for all kinds of reasons.

The five most popular reasons why parents enrol students into our school are:

  1. Their child is struggling to make new friends at school and other activities

  2. Their child is being bullied and hassled by other children at school

  3. Their child doesn’t fit into other “team type” sports and activities

  4. Their child lacks the motivation to try new things

  5. Their child has had negative experiences with other physical activities

There can be many reasons why your son or daughter is experiencing a tough time at school and in the community. Many times parents have tried a myriad of strategies and activities to help their child have a happy and fun childhood free from stress, worry and inactivity.

So How Can We Help!

In short we specialise in building kids confidence through martial arts training.

We have found by talking to thousands of parents about their children that the root cause of many problems that their children experience is a lack of confidence.

Confidence gives kids the courage to make new friends, stand up to bullies, try other sports and to be more outgoing. Is our program a “FIX ALL”? Absolutely not. Can we help? YES. We have taught thousands of children martial arts over the past 21 years and have a developed a program that is unlike most martial arts programs for kids.

So why do kids stick with our program?

  1. Our program is child friendly:

    We have broken all traditional ties in how we to teach and interact with children in our classes. We have learnt that children learn best when they are free to be kids not mini adults. All of our teaching principles and classroom activities are geared towards young bodies and young minds.

  2. Our program is safe:

    Safety come before everything else. The martial arts can be a very dangerous activity if taught incorrectly. We make every effort to ensure your child’s safety as soon as they step inside our building. All partner activities are heavily controlled and monitored to ensure student safety.

  3. Our Classes Are Fun:

    Kids will stick at an activity if its fun. Our classes incorporate group, partner and solo activities with a martial arts theme. Every class is fast paced, full of great martial arts drills and an occasional game to keep things even more fun.

  4. Our Teachers Are Gentle:

    We are not a hard nosed group of instructors. We are here to help your child’s development not to be their parent or disciplinarian. If your child misbehaves in class they will be gently told to sit out for a few minutes during class time. No fuss, no yelling and no unrealistic expectations on behaviour.

  5. Our Children’s Program Is Designed For Children

    Many years ago we made the mistake of trying to teach children what and how we taught the adults in our school. Every since we made that change our children’s program has skyrocketed in popularity and student outcomes.

So Whats The First Step In Seeing If We Are The Right Fit For You and Your Child?

We would like to invite your child to come and try one of our beginner classes to 1. see if they like what we teach and 2. to see if you are happy with how we teach them. If you are happy to move forward from there we would love you to be part of our school. Our beginner class times are Mondays & Wednesdays at 3:45pm, Tuesdays & Thursdays at 5:15pm and Fridays at 4:30pm (please note that we have a different schedule over the school holidays). Our introductory special is $14.95 for any two lessons of your choice.

So How Much Are Classes If You Decide To Join?

After you two trial lessons our tuition rate is $29 per week (Direct Debit) with family discounts available. Membership includes: Unlimited access to classes 5 days per week (most children do a minimum of two classes per week), student teacher ratio of 5 students per teacher, FREE technique assessments, FREE belt promotions and classes 52 weeks a year.

Further Questions?

We welcome any questions about our school or program please call 03 5561 6565 (Phone10am-9pm, 7 Days).

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