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Dear Parent,

Many of the parents I meet are frustrated at the lack of resources and help available for children who fall victim to bullying. Most schools have a policy of zero tolerance to bullying, which is great. But what does your child do when confronted by the bully where no teacher, parent or adult is present for physical support? I have lost count of the number of kids who come to me and say they are getting hassled at school and nothing is done about it. Or they do something physical and wind up in just as much trouble as the bully who instigated the assault. In the past, I have always told children to follow the school rules and never engage physically with a bully. Recently, I had a student approach me and say that he was getting physically hurt by a bully at school but didn’t use his martial arts training to avoid getting in trouble. In the past, I have always said that he/she has done the right thing. But recently I have begun to question this. It’s not right that someone who is being bullied and attacked has no physical recourse. Is it not our legal right to defend ourselves? YES it is. BUT the response has to be appropriate to the situation and it needs to take into account school rules, policies and the safety of everyone involved.

So How Do We Tackle This Problem?

First of all I have to make it clear that my mission is NOT TO DISOBEY SCHOOL POLICIES AROUND BULLYING AND HAVE A BUNCH OF MY STUDENTS RUNNING AROUND TOWN BASHING BULLIES. Rather, it is to help parents and students be armed with as much information as possible to keep their children safe. Some of the information on this page will be directly from our self defence curriculum and some will be from other valuable sources. The bulk of information presented on this page will consist of non-physical strategies for managing a bully. And ANYTHING PHYSICAL THAT IS TAUGHT WILL BE AIMED AT USING A MINIMAL AMOUNT OF FORCE AND ZERO STRIKING (PUNCHING, KICKING ETC). MOST of the physical techniques will be centred around controlling space, defence against common attacks and subduing the bully with minimal force.


I want this page to help children in our community be safe. So if you come across any resource ie white paper, video, podcast etc. that could help please send it to me at


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