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G.A.S.S. Award 2019

G.A.S.S. is an organisation that was formed via a private meeting between Suzanna Maxwell-Wright and Ted Argyle in April 2017. Nine Months later Suzanna and Ted were lucky to meet and begin work with G.A.S.S.’s now CEO Grace Ella Argyle. Grace’s influence on the pair has been enormous to say the least. Her insatiable work ethic has kept both Suzi and Ted sleepless since her employment and is giving no indication of slowing down. Even though she can only say a few words for now she has made it quite clear that Adrenalin Martial Arts Centre is the number one Martial Arts School in Warrnambool. So much so that she has insisted that the school be awarded the annual G.A.S.S. (Grace Argyle Says So) award. While she respects all other clubs and schools in the area she believes her daddy has the best one. Outside of her responsibilities for G.A.S.S. Grace takes pleasure in getting into everything at the home office, bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, lounge room. laundry and is an avid martial arts partitioner herself. Below you can see her grappling with her daddy at her favourite school.

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